In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Fincher spoke about the box office success of “Joker” in an extended attack on the production strategy of major Hollywood studios.

Saying that studios “don’t want to do anything that doesn’t bring them $ 1 billion,” he suggested that occasionally “challenging” materials could receive support if there was solid evidence of commercial potential, according to

Without the example of “The Dark Knight,” a version of the superhero’s story, Fincher suggested that “The Joker,” with obvious allusions to Martin Scorsese’s 1970s and 1980s classics, would have struggled to get started.

I don’t think anyone would have looked at the material and thought, “Yes, let’s take Travis Bickle (the main character in ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘no. of Comedy ») and combine them, then we catch him in a betrayal of the mentally ill and let him go for a billion dollars» ”.

The Joker, who brought Joaquin Phoenix the first Oscar trophy for his acting career, has been criticized – at launch – for “perpetuating harmful stereotypes”, given that the central figure, Arthur Fleck, is a mentally ill person who becomes violent. after he stops taking his treatment.

Annabel Driscoll and Mina Husain, doctors, wrote in The Guardian last year that this “is not only misinformation, but also amplifies stigma and fear.”

Instead, disability activist Justin Edgar, the filmmaker, praised “Joker” as a “classic” of films for the disabled.