Luis Figo he remains in the gap as one of the great critics of the Spanish government’s management. The Portuguese has not missed his appointment with the networks on the day in which Pedro Sanchez has announced its intention to implement the state of alarm for the next six months, at least until April.

The reaction of the former Barcelona and Real Madrid footballer has been to wonder what year, sarcastically. Criticisms of the former interior and far right point to three points: the management in general, the non-existent expert committee (one of his classics already) and the shortcomings that are coming to light from the decisions of Moncloa.

“The virus is the same all over the world but without a doubt that the management is not !! The expert committee will be on vacation !!! More tests, more tracers, more primary care and more health personnel and it is (sic) possible transparency !! ! “, he wrote on twitter, mentioning a news item in which the decisions were confirmed.

Reactions to Figo’s comments have already made him a focus of tweeters’ attention, both for better and for worse. Some praise him for his courage for saying what he thinks publicly, and others remind him of his problems with the Treasury, and others take advantage of the conversation to engage each other.

This same week they have been fulfilled 20 years since his first visit to Camp Nou with the Real Madrid shirt, which has made Figo return to the present time, in addition, in the days before the Classic.