The government’s plan to fight hoaxes or information that they consider dangerous has generated numerous criticisms in society. The concept ‘Ministry of Truth‘, from the dystopian book’ 1984 ‘, by George Orwell, has spread among critics towards Sánchez and his executive. And among those who could not miss in that lineup is Luis Figo.

Portuguese has already become a classic in this regard. Since the crisis of the pandemic began, it has harshly fueled practically all the decisions that have been made since Moncloa, and in a matter as tricky as that of the freedom of expression could not miss.

On this occasion, he has aimed at the highest democratic values, the Constitution, at the same time that he recalled the matter of expert committees. “Another committee but this time for informative control !!! A threat to the spirit of the constitution”, he has written, next to the cover of ‘El Mundo’ that opens with the subject.

Figo is by no means the first to criticize this initiative of the Sánchez Government. In addition to the parliamentary opposition, the Madrid Press Association issued a statement lamenting the drift that this decision may entail.

“Journalism has as one of its main obligations the search for the truth and the defense of freedom and the APM fully agrees with any initiative in this regard,” they admit, but warn that “it may become censorship”, something very serious in a state of law.