Luis Figo returns to the attack against Gabriel Rufián in social networks. The former soccer player has become in recent months a regular in controversy and political comments on Twitter with publications either to criticize the work of the Government or other parties.

On this occasion, the target of their comments has once again been the leader of ERC, on the occasion of the recent support of the independence party for the General Budgets that, with the already announced approval of the PNV and Bildu, they will finally be able to move forward.

Stop sucking on the boat and worry about the companies that left Catalonia !! The flight of companies from Catalonia now amounts to 5,567 since 1-O“wrote an indignant Figo.

Precisely, ERC’s agreement with the Government includes a commission to study a tax reform and the tax on large fortunes to end what they call “the tax haven of Madrid”, the lowering of taxes for which they criticize the Community of Madrid with respect to other communities.

However, this criticism has bounced back ironically to Figo, accused of having done precisely the same: escape from Catalonia (specifically from FC Barcelona) to land where many companies are doing after leaving the community, in (El Real) Madrid.