Fighting continues between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Upper Karabakh

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After more than 24 hours since the fighting began between Armenia and Azerbaijan —In a crossfire of which they accuse each other—, the skirmishes continue, and the fatalities increase.

On Sunday, Armenia and the administration of the Upper Karabakh, an independent state de facto within the territory of Azerbaijan but under Armenian control, confirmed the death of 59 of his fighters. At least 200 more have resulted wounded. He Ministry of Defence Azeri has not announced any casualties at its barracks at the moment, but the rival Armenian ministry has released videos of several dead Azeri soldiers.

Civilians have also died in the fighting that started on Sunday. In the Karabakh, according to his Government, a woman and a baby died on Sunday in a bombardment on the capital of the region, Stepanakert. This Monday morning, he said Baku, Five Azeri civilians they have been killed by other bombings, this time on the Azeri town of Terter.

According to Azerbaijan, in this wave of fighting, its Army has controlled seven towns that previously belonged to the Karabakh Administration; These towns were empty and were part of the area that, in the war of the 1990s, the Armenians conquered to drive the Azeris away from the Karabakh mountains, the object of dispute between the two countries.

War, there, was declared in 1991, with the independence of both countries: with the dissolution of the USSR, the Karabakh was within the borders of Azerbaijan. The Armenians who populated the mountains – the majority of the population, compared to an abundant minority of Azeris – did not accept it, and after pogroms, violence and deportationsOn both sides, war was declared.

Armenia won it: all Azeris were expelled from the Karabakh and surrounding territories and the region declared a Independent state, although not recognized by anyone.

Since 1994, when the armistice, the conflict has been frozen, but it revives from time to time, especially caused by Azerbaijan, which has 14% of its national territory in the hands of the “enemy & rdquor;. For Armenians and Azeris, during the last 25 years, war has been something that has always been there, a possibility that should never be ruled out.

And since 1994, the chance of you declaring again has never been higher. In April 2016, the fighting intensified for a few days, but the two countries never declared general mobilization and the martial law. This time they have.



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