fifteen infected by a home meeting making “an exception”

The Aragonez family, residents of Texas (United States), took all the precautions and measures decreed by the health authorities to avoid the contagion and spread of the coronavirus. After eight months of strict rules, they decided to make an exception and get together for a birthday: fifteen family members were infected.

“We got together because we were tired, we want to get back to normal life,” a family member told TODAY. The mother of the Aragonez spent seven days in the hospital, a stay from which he fortunately recovered: “I have been fortunate not to see fifteen of my relatives die. Other people in the country have not been so lucky.”

The whole family I had been following the rules to the letter for eight months: they did not go out to restaurants, they always wore a mask and even avoided going to mass. Because they were so cautious, it did not seem a threat to their health to meet for the birthday when one of the cousins ​​proposed it through the family chat, informa NBC.

Enriqueta Aragonez went to the party, but her husband and one of her daughters decided to stay home. After the event, the woman informed her family that she was not feeling well, and a few days later the rest of the members who attended the birthday reported physical discomfort as well. They decided to undergo the coronavirus test, which it was positive for the 12 guests at the party and three other family members who had stayed at home but had been infected by the assistants.

Enriqueta had pneumonia in both lungs and he had a difficult few days in the hospital. The rest of the family is recovering successfully, although they regret organizing the event. That is why he started the recording of a collaborative video with the whole family to alert the population of the risks of making this type of exceptions to the rules.



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