FIFPRO players’ association wants to talk to footballers about FIFA rights

The international players’ union FIFPRO is prepared to enter into discussions with football players about the use of their faces in the FIFAgames from EA. “FIFPRO is approaching the players and their representatives who have recently expressed their concerns, so that we can answer their questions,” the organization told Press on Thursday in a response.

Raiola: ‘Rights lie with the player himself’

The issue took off after Zlatan Ibrahimovic took on Twitter expressed displeasure at using his face in it FIFA 21. He wonders who has given permission for this. “FIFPRO? As far as I know I am not a member of FIFPRO.”

FIFAmaker EA then informed Press that it had concluded a deal with AC Milan.

The Italian agent Mino Raiola, who in addition to Ibrahimovic also represents Matthijs de Ligt, said Wednesday to the British newspaper The Telegraph want clarity.

“Zlatan understands he has to fight for his rights and that is not right,” said Raiola. “It’s not the quality of EA Sports attacks, it’s fighting the system. The system is incorrect and that’s a battle that Zlatan wants to fight on behalf of all players.”

EA does not substantively comment on Raiola’s statements in its formal response, merely referring to him as a “respected player representative” who has previously worked with the game publisher.

The company previously said it has the rights to express the likeness of all players FIFA to be allowed to show. “We acquire these licenses directly from football leagues, teams and individual players”.

Raiola says against The Telegraph that FIFPRO “takes advantage of rights EA Sports gleefully buys from them, but they buy rights they don’t have”. He says that Ibrahimovic’s rights do not lie with the football association FIFA, players association FIFPRO or AC Milan, but with the player himself.

“If EA Sports continues to do business as it does now, we will take them to court,” said the player representative. “We will sue anyone who sells rights they don’t have.”



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