Fiat 500 3 + 1 | Lead

An extra door to the sidewalk has been added to the Fiat 500. The concept of the vehicle, aptly named Fiat 500 3 + 1, has been used by many before, but this time it seems really practical.

While the rear row of a Mini Clubman, Mazda MX-30 or BMW i3 can accommodate adults (to a limited extent), the Fiat 500 is really only suitable for carrying small children who wouldn’t get out of the car on their own anyway – this is important because the rear door only can be opened after the first. In addition, the extra half door makes it easier to install child seats.

The Fiat 500 3 + 1 outside is exactly the same as the normal versions, due to the extra structure, the car only carries 30 kg plus.

The Fiat 500 is now available with two types of batteries and a charging system. The new entry model’s 23.8 kWh lithium-ion battery offers 180 km of WLTP range (240 km in urban use).

This small car is both charming and practical 3

This variant received a 50 kW quick charger, while the other, still known, 40 kWh version, which according to WLTP travels 320 (480 in the city) kilometers on a single charge, draws energy through an 85 kW quick charger. The electric motor is 118 horsepower, the top speed is limited to 150 km / h, the car accelerates to 50 km / h in 3.1 seconds and to 100 in 9.0.

This small car is both charming and practical 4

The Fiat 500 3 + 1 is not a study, but a series-produced body variant; the exact details of the introduction are not yet known.



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