FIA puts off pitstop intervention for the Belgian Grand Prix

Formula 1 teams will be required to continue adapting to the stricter rules surrounding pit stops. The delaying of the pit stops was due to take effect during the Hungarian Grand Prix, but has now been postponed until the Belgian GP, ​​which takes place immediately after the summer break.

In the run-up to the Styrian GP, ​​the FIA ​​sent a new technical guideline to the teams. It was designed to combat the widespread automation of different parts of a pit stop. Different moments of stops have a minimum reaction time, which can increase the time it takes to stop. These rules will be in effect starting with the Hungarian Grand Prix, scheduled for the beginning of August.

However, the FIA ​​has now sent out a new technical guideline, which replaces the old version. Some requirements about the minimum times for pit stop operations have been eliminated, especially those that depend on human reaction time. However, some time elements remain in the directive, as the FIA ​​still aims to prevent automatic signalling. Stables must also show that the mechanics using the wheel guns manually press the button to indicate that the wheel has stuck. This button should not be able to be held down.

The Belgian Grand Prix is the only time that the new technical directive for pit stops will be in effect. This allows the teams to make the necessary adjustments. These changes were the result of discussions with a variety of racing stables including Red Bull Racing. “There has been an update based on the feedback the FIA ​​received after they sent the first version to the teams. Andreas Seidl, McLaren team principal, said that this update makes sense. “The main purpose of this directive is to ensure that pit stops take place in a safe manner and to anticipate so that we can avoid bad things. The directive is meant to ensure we have the same rules applied and that everyone is happy. The door is open to make more changes next year.”


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