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Ferrari would not have allowed Wolff to be the new F1 boss


On Friday, it became official that from 2021, Stefano Domenicali, former Ferrari team boss and Lamborghini leader, will replace Chase Carey as Formula One CEO.

Domenicali’s name, as an expectant of the position, didn’t fly up for long: most envisioned Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, at the forefront of the sport. Following the announcement, the Austrian specialist said he had negotiated with Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media, but had not reached a vineyard. “I respect Greg and all he has achieved, but I love what I am doing right now. I love the stopwatch, the racing, and where I’m currently with Mercedes so much that I have to pinch myself every day. ”

Wolff added, even if he wanted to switch, Ferrari would certainly have vetoed the decision. “They have a right to that, and I respect that. I would think the same way, ”he said, referring to team leader Mattia Binotto Ferrari’s justification. The Italian expert also confirmed that Wolff would not have been allowed to take the position.

“One of Ferrari’s rights is to veto the identity of the F1 CEO. Our decision regarding Toto was not personal, I think he would have been a good choice for the role, just like Stefano. However, we did not find it fair to nominate a person who is so associated with today’s Formula 1, ”Binotto explained the decision.

Source: GPfans.com, Grandpx.news

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