Ferrari vetoed the F1 leader’s case

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Much has been heard last year that Mercedes boss Toto Wolff could be the next Formula One driver after the departure of Chase Carey in the US, but rumors died after a while, and last week, Ferrari’s former team boss at Audi in recent years , and then Stefano Domenicali, who works for Lamborghini as well as the FIA, was named as the future CEO.

Wolff confirmed to British Sky Sports that he was indeed called, but it would have been impossible for him to control F1 due to Ferrari’s resistance.

“I was in a difficult position because Liberty’s offer made me think. But I realized I love the stopwatch, the race. And CEO work is a whole different dough. But it didn’t even make much sense to think about it, because Ferrari made it clear that no, we would veto it, so it was over early in the negotiations, ”the Austrian recalled.

“They have the right to veto, which is why it is not a problem. At the same time, I feel good about my current job anyway, I never longed for anything else. My relationship with Mercedes, all my staff, is dreamy. I feel we can still achieve a lot together if we further develop the company with a mere Formula 1 team – not forgetting the priorities, of course, ”he continued.

Although eventually an exferraris man will sit in the F1 CEO’s chair, Wolff has no problem with Domenicali, in fact, like the other team leaders, he is very pleased to welcome his former colleague:

“Stefano is a great guy, a strong character, no more honest person than him. He knows all aspects of racing. Former sports director, team leader. He saw failures, lived successes. He also worked for Audi and then became CEO of Lamborghini, making the brand a success. Maybe he’s the best person to drive Formula One, ”Wolff praised the Italian.

Source: Sky Sports

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