M as Modificata: the Ferrari Portofino M is a heavily reworked version of the original hardtop convertible. The 3.8-liter V8 turbo engine has 620 horsepower instead of the previous 600, and a maximum torque of 760 Nm, but not always: Ferrari has set the engine control so that as it moves up and down, the (also newly developed) eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission , the available torque is constantly increasing.

This allows the upper gears to be longer, which is good for fuel consumption and noise comfort, and the lower ones make the engine spin easily and quickly, making the car more dynamic to drive. Another novelty of the Portofino M is the Race mode, which has not been available on the touring car so far.

Not only has the convertible been technically modified: by redesigning the air intakes, the car’s air resistance has been further reduced, the grille on the front has a new grille and a new, more compact bumper has been fitted at the rear, thanks to a brand new, more space-saving exhaust.

The diffuser has been redrawn, and since it is now integrated into the bumper as a stand-alone element, it can even be made of carbon fiber composite if the customer so desires.

The design of the passenger compartment and the multimedia and driver support functions have not changed significantly.