Some sources already believed that Mick Schumacher could take part in the first free practice with one of Ferrari’s engine partners at the Formula 1 Tuscany Grand Prix. That was eventually missed, however, the son of seven-time world champion Michael could drive his father’s 2004 World Championship car on the Mugello asphalt strip as part of a series of events celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix.

However, it has become certain that the Maranellos won’t wait long, throwing a rider still battling for a Formula One championship title this year. “We are giving Mick Schumacher a chance to lead in his first free practice. But the announcement will come later, ”said Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s team boss. “We still have a few things to do.”

Ferrari: Little Schumi will make his debut in F1 2

“I’m delighted with Mick’s F2 performance. The main focus is still on F2, fighting for the championship title, it needs to stay focused, ”Binotto assessed his performance and then looked at Schumacher’s future. “Mick is facing a big opportunity or opportunity, he could lead in F1 next year. We need to be prepared for that, ”he added.

There was no mention of which stable racing machine you could get into soon. Engine partners, namely Alfa Romeo and Haas, could come into play first, but with the departure of Sebastian Vettel, even Ferrari is not excluded. Binotto, taking advantage of the opportunity, said a few words about the pilot who certified for Aston Martin next year. “I like it both as a racer and as a human being. It’s a pleasure for Formula 1, it’s good for the sport to have a four-time world champion here again next year. ”