Fernando Zor asks Zé Neto not to swim in a boat and jokes: ‘Respect’

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Fernando Zor traveled the Rio Negro to fish with friends this Friday (9). On a boat with Zé Neto, the singer asked the sertanejo to respect the other crew members and not to stay in swimwear at the place, referring to the photo of the musician on the beach during a trip with the woman along the Costa do Sauípe, on the coast of Bahia. “You will not invent to stay in swim trunks here, please. You respect people,” joked Fernando with the artist, who appears taking a bath in shorts. The click of swimwear by Zé Neto stirred the web and was even deleted by Instagram with the allegation of “inappropriate content”.

Zé Neto’s wife comments on photo repercussions

Married to Zé Neto, Natália Toscano talked about the couple’s reaction after the photo of the backcountry swimmer went viral. According to the businesswoman, she handled the situation with good humor. “We posted without any pretension, we liked the photo because of the trip record and shared it. Then it boomed and took us by surprise, but we took it very lightly and in humor. The comments were very funny too. Our reaction was to go the same way , the laugh side, “he said in an interview with the newspaper” Extra “.

Influencer talks about her husband’s jealousy

Despite comments from netizens, who noticed the volume of the singer’s swim trunks, Natália said she was not jealous. “I read well, we deal well, in fact. We are very close and honest with each other and that stops any possible little ‘DR’ (laughs). And, look, being a woman from a country singer is a job. of him, the children’s routine, of shows and trips … But it would never change anything in the history we have built. In the matter of jealousy, we are very calm, and with a dose of balance “, he declared.

Geisy Arruda complains about Instagram censored click

Last month, Geisy Arruda compared the situation of her dropped photo to that of Zé Neto. In the image, the model was posing with a squeegee on the floor of her house with a sensual look. “The face of the one who had the photo censored. They threw my bucket away !! Zé Neto was volume, I was just a bucket. Anyway, hypocrisy”, he said. Previously, Geisy was annoyed by the repercussion of Zé Neto’s click of a swim suit and criticized the fact that the reaction was uneven when she published a bold record herself. “When the nudes and ‘volumes’ of the famous men leak, it is just a ‘seal’. They gain followers, sponsors and the ‘thrilled’. When it comes from a woman: ‘Wow! The end of the world'”, he fired.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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