Fernando Burlando does not oppose Sebastián Villa playing again in Boca while the cause of gender violence continues

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Daniela Cortés’s lawyer, who denounced the Colombian, confirmed that the club “took care of and was in contact” with them, but not the forward.

The return of Sebastián Villa to the friendly matches of Boca drew attention because the club had marginalized him from official duels until his situation was resolved in Justice, where he has a case against Daniela Cortés, your ex-partner, for gender violence. But now Fernando Burlando, the woman’s lawyer, made it clear that neither she nor the defense oppose the Colombian playing in Boca.

One piece of news went hand in hand with the other. And not by chance. Villa went from not playing even the practice friendlies to participating in the last two, in which he even scored a goal against Students from Río Cuarto.

In the middle, his former partner left a message on his social networks, suggesting that they enable the Colombian so he could return to the courts. And now it was known that the idea that is handled in the Boca venue in Ezeiza is to be able to count on him for the Copa Libertadores and also for the local tournament.

What did Mocking say about it? “We already told Boca with Daniela that his work has nothing to do with the criminal case, that it will continue,” said Burlando in the newspaper Olé.

This statement coincides with the one that the former partner of the forward just uploaded to his social networks and that began to weave his return to the courts: “What I experienced I do not wish on anyone. But being surrounded by people I love and my family has made those wounds heal and Justice has done its job. The personal has nothing to do with the work“.

At the club, Villa’s participation in the two friendlies was taken as an indication of what is to come. The question, in any case, is when the Colombian will return to put on the Boca shirt, but it will be in a short time.

Mocking, in that sense, he also expanded his statement on this new scenario that seems to apply to Villa’s case, which would go separate ways from that of his cause, of course. In fact, that he can play again does not mean that his judicial situation also has a change in that sense.

“The case will continue, it is the idea, and everything points to an oral trial. But it is important to say that Daniela is doing well in her country today, surrounded by her family, healing after what she had to go through. And that she does not want to harm Boca”, Held.

The renowned lawyer told Olé that Xeneize was always close to the forward’s ex-girlfriend and that this also helped the climate of tension that existed at one point to go down.

I don’t know if Boca is going to release Villa to play. I do say that not now, but from the first moment, from the club they always worried about Daniela’s physical and mental health. Unlike the player, who never accepted what happened or acknowledged it, Boca took care and was in permanent contact with us“, He said.

“Times are reassuring and also the absence of danger for Daniela. It is different if she were close to him, living alone in Buenos Aires. We had an exemplary preparatory investigation with the prosecution and now we want to look forward with the oral trial. We bet on that criminal complaint and that there is a conviction, “he said.

Villa has not played since the title game against Gimnasia, so he lacks rhythm. This Saturday he entered from the substitute bench, scored the goal and immediately there was a chain reaction on social networks.


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