Fernando Burlando and one of lime and one of sand in the Sebastián Villa case: Boca, yes; Colombian

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The defender of Daniela Cortés, the former couple who denounced the striker for gender violence, has opposing positions on the player.

The return of Sebastian Villa is getting closer. Boca gradually prepared the ground and everything seems to indicate that the Colombian will be taken into account by Miguel Angel Russo against Newell’s, on Sunday, in Rosario. But he is also pre-summoned to the Colombian National Team. And what was understandable for Fernando Burlando – his performance in Argentina – is a conflict if you think about playing in his country.

“Villa is summoned to the National Team and has a problem with Daniela (Cortés, his defender in the cause of gender violence against his former partner). Do you think she can live quietly there? I guarantee you not“, maintained the lawyer.

And he compared the situation of the National Team to Boca: “I was thinking. If Daniela says that it bothers her that he come back, I knew what Boca was going to take. But in Colombia I don’t know what could happen. This in Colombia It could bring a problem. Not because of Villa, but because of an obsequious one. “

In Boca, Villa first trained alongside the group, then appeared in three friendlies and, finally, Xeneize spoke with Cortés’ surroundings to ask him if the return of his former partner bothered him.

“Boca asked how Villa’s return to training or playing could affect him,” Burlando said. Although then he lowered his thumb to the attitude of the Colombian team.

“Daniela said that if the case went ahead and everything is on track, she did not care (that he played in Boca). It is fine and it is a possibility that it will happen,” said Cortés’ lawyer.

And in dialogue with “De Una Con Niembro”, he told details of how Brandsen 805 handled the cause: “Within all this problem, it generated a contention. I was processing a cause, which are real wars, and Boca, far from to engage, she had a very decent attitude. Despite her interests, the mere fact of calling her caused great tranquility in a person who felt bad. They were noble with this situation and they took the problem in a responsible way “

To close with the talk, Burlando explained that “nor is there a chance of reaching a conciliation “, because” heThe issues of gender violence cannot be fixed from the outside “and he gave estimates of the end of the case:” Now the prosecution has to define whether this goes to trial or not. I think so. This could be finished by the middle of next year. “


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