While the Renault team disputed the Turkish GP without much success (Daniel Ricciardo was 10th and Esteban Ocon, 11th) and Lewis Hamilton He was proclaimed seven-time champion of the Formula 1 world, Fernando Alonso was traveling to Abu Dhabi to get behind the wheel of the R18, the car from two seasons ago.

The Asturian will spend two days on the Yas Marina where, precisely, they have vetoed him to shoot in the test of young pilots. Except for a last minute change in the FIA ​​decision, Alonso will not be able to test with the 2020 car in those two days as it far exceeds the maximum requirements for those two days.

That is why these private Renault trainings in Abu Dhabi, like the ones he did in Bahrain two weeks ago, are essential. The absence of official test days Until the 2021 preseason they make Alonso’s preparation for his return minimal, at least in terms of driving time.

He himself admitted that he is physically crushing himself, and is trying to regain muscles that he has lost in these years outside the Great Circus, since neither the Toyota of Le Mans or the Dakar are as physical as a Formula 1, nor the short time that has been dedicated to Indianapolis It has made him regain the strength he once had.

Renault offers hardly any data on these tests. In Bahrain, at least, he confirmed the number of laps he had completed in both days and took a good number of photographs of the two days, but on the first day in Abu Dhabi only a video was shown leaving the pits and a couple of photos in social networks, and little else.

They are ghost tests that Alonso will take much more advantage of than his followers, especially if they coincide like this Sunday with a Grand Prix day.