Fernando Alonso he got back into a Formula 1 car after almost a year and a half. The Asturian completed a ‘filming day’ in Montmeló, or what is the same, a day of filming images that serve to obtain videos for promotional purposes.

The result has come to light three days later. Thanks to the use of drones, the Renault RS20 it looks much more special on the asphalt of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in a day in which Alonso began to recognize once again the peculiarities of an F1.

“It was amazing,” admitted the Spaniard as soon as he got out of the car. “Everything felt good. He wasn’t able to squeeze the performance out of the car because I’m still not used to speed, but I’m happy with the day,” admitted the Spaniard.

Now it remains to be seen what his next steps will be. Predictably, Alonso will focus on his work with the simulator in the coming weeks, in addition to monitoring the Grand Prix of Portugal, in Portiimao, next round of the championship, thanks to the ‘base of operations’ that has been set up. From your computer you have access to the telemetries, radios and all the data of the Renault team in each race.

Before the end of the year he wants to see some races live. The first will be the GP of Emilia Romagna, in the circuit of Imola, which is relatively close to his home in Lugano (Switzerland). There you will see the procedures live, something essential for your readjustment.