Feliciano López, Fernando Verdasco, Virginia Ruano Y Pepo and Pato Clavet, among others, lead a request for “renewal” in Madrid tennis and express their “support for an alternative candidacy”, led by Don Segundo Caeiro and his team, to start a new stage, “participatory, open to commitment, to recognition effort and the dissemination of ethical values ​​”, in the Madrid tennis federation.

Through a public statement, which is also signed by Olga Saéz, Roberto Carretero, Jacobo Díaz, Daniel Muñoz de la Nava, Rocío de la Torre, Quino Muñoz and Ignacio Truyol, the main rackets of Madrid reflect their concern about the current situation of tennis in Madrid, “mired in serious sporting, economic and legal problems” according to its text, and they express their commitment to the renewal of the federation.

“The Madrid Tennis Federation currently drags an institutional discredit that we do not deserve. For years we have represented Spanish Tennis and our Community, at a great international level, using our best efforts and dedication. We have trained and competed. There are the magnificent results. Players, coaches, physical trainers … We have all contributed to a more than significant mark on our sport, of which we are especially proud, “begins the letter.

“All this work and legacy should be reflected in the Institution that represents Madrid Tennis. Far from it, we can verify that there is no sports direction within the Federation Schools. Is it because the person who holds the position of Technical director combines this with the function of president, neglecting the first? “, they wonder.

The signatories state that “the situation worsens when a balance is made between income and wages“.” Criticism if it is considered that there is no aid to players, nor support for clubs that are having a bad time. The number of licenses has dropped again, thereby reducing our quota in national tennis. There are fewer practitioners and this makes the problem worse, “they denounce.

“The number of licenses has dropped again, consequently reducing our quota in national tennis. There are fewer practitioners and this makes the problem worse”

“Well, the salaries of the technical director / president, the manager, the secretary, legal advisors, external services … all remain, or are substantially modified upwards. federative facilities languish due to lack of maintenance. And that they are built on public land. The changing rooms have conditions that can be quite improved, but the privatization of the only existing gym is put before it, “they say.

Likewise, the text recalls the irregularities suffered by the electoral process for the presidency that he has held since 2016 Juan Luis “Tati” Rascón.

“The elections to the Madrid Tennis Federation were set for last July, based on an irregular electoral roll, detected by the Legal Sports Commission, the competent body of the Community of Madrid,” he says.

“The Legal Sports Commission has issued in recent weeks 4 resolutions against the irregularities committed by the acting Board of Directors of the Madrid Tennis Federation, even going so far as to have to repeat the electoral process, an unusual fact in the world of tennis. sports and tennis especially. The electoral census presents more than 8,000 modifications, without justification to date “, they indicate.

In this context, they consider that “the current image of Madrid tennis is very deteriorated” and they regret that “its directors do not serve the public purposes of a federative, non-profit institution.”

“At this juncture, we all want to show our commitment to the renewal of Madrid tennis, with the consequent entry of fresh air that allows us to raise carpets. We offer support for an alternative application of professionals, of people linked to Madrid tennis, with a vocation for change and above all, of service to tennis “, he continues.

“All of us wish to open a new stage, participatory, open to commitment, recognition of effort and the dissemination of the ethical values ​​of our sport. Through this letter we want to ask your participation and involvement in the process to players, coaches, referees, clubs, fans and supporters and that, together, we make this change that Madrid tennis so much needs a reality “, concludes the letter signed by Feliciano López, Fernando Verdasco and Vivi Ruano, among others.