FC Twente misses the lead in Eredivisie by a draw against FC Emmen

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FC Twente failed to conquer the lead in the Eredivisie on Saturday. The Tukkers did not get further than a draw against FC Emmen in-house: 1-1.

The still unbeaten FC Twente, which could only have become leader of the list in the event of a victory, dominated in the first half against the stiff FC Emmen, but at the same time played little in its own Grolsch Veste, making the 0-0 a logical half-time score.

After the break, the match really ignited and FC Twente already took the lead in the 48th minute. After a bad pass from FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp, ​​Simon Tibbling lost the ball to FC Twente midfielder Ramiz Zerrouki, who served Václav Cerný with a through ball. The attacker surprised Telgenkamp with a shot into the short corner.

FC Emmen’s answer was not long in coming. Glenn Bijl saw his shot be turned in a phenomenal way by FC Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel in the 65th minute, but in the rebound it was still hit for Michael de Leeuw.

FC Twente seemed upset by the equalizer and had to watch how FC Emmen seized the initiative, but the Drentenaren were not in a position to destroy the Twente defense. In the last minute of injury time, Telgenkamp managed to get a shot from substitute Lindon Selahi.

Coach Ron Jans’ FC Twente is in fourth place with eight points from four games. With the points division in Enschede, number fifteen FC Emmen adds the second point of the season.

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