‘Fazenda 2020’: MC Mirella accuses Lidi of threat of humiliation

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MC Mirella and Lidi Lisboa staged a fight during the dawn of this Monday (12th), at “Fazenda 12”. The second discussion of the night, after the controversy involving Raissa and Carol Narizinho, started during the “Jogo da Discórdia” in which the singer started to provoke the participant who, in response, stated that she would not enter the conversation so as not to humiliate the funkeira. “I think it’s good for you to remove what you said about humiliation, because you have no idea of ​​the weight of what you said,” began the artist.

MC Mirella counters Lidi after threat of humiliation: ‘Replace’

After eliminating Cartolouco, MC Mirella was outraged by the threat of humiliation from Lidi Lisboa. “You are no one to humiliate anyone in here. So you put yourself back and think very carefully about what you said. And since you like to talk so much (the word) hell in here, now you will live your own. Why do I I never gave you reasons. You bought a fight with me twice. Did you really think that the second time you did something for me I was not going to spend the opportunity to say something to you? ” complaint.

Lidi avoids fight with MC Mirella: ‘I will not argue’

MC Mirella showed the revolt in disagreement with Lidi, after couples fights at parties. “Are you someone to humiliate someone here?”, Asked the funkeira and the reality participant replied: “Nobody! Are you? So ready, Mirella”. The singer even quipped when giving advice to her colleague. “Pay attention because it can harm you”, countered the artist who continued: “Okay, Mirella, I’m not going to argue with you”. Following, the singer struck back, leaving room. “Don’t even argue! Wherever you are now, try to get away from me, and since you speak the word hell so much, prepare yourself: why are you going to live here now”, he shot and Lidi replied: “Okay, Mirella , you are rude girl. You have no education “.

Lipe Ribeiro wins Trial of Fire at ‘Fazenda 12’

Lipe Ribeiro was victorious in this week’s Trial of Fire at “Fazenda 12”. The ex-participant of “De Férias Com o Ex” has the power to interfere in the formation of the next garden. Competing with Jojo Todynho, Stéfani, Victória, Raissa and Jakelyne, the competitor was successful in helping to complete the circuit, in a test of agility, reasoning and vocal strength.


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