‘Fazenda 2020’: Jojo Todynho makes promise after historic elimination of Luiza Ambiel

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The 6th elimination of “Fazenda 12” broke a record this Thursday (22)! Luiza Ambiel left the house with 11.01%, of the votes followed by MC Mirella, with 18.62%, in a field that counted more than 800 million. “Brazil voted and voted a lot! It was a voting record”, warned Marcos Mion. Upon receiving the news that she would leave the reality show, the model was moved and cried. Meanwhile, Mateus Carrieri was the most voted by the public for his stay in the house with 70.37%. The pedestrians received the businessman with hugs and cheers of celebration.

Pedestrians hear fires after Luiza Ambiel’s elimination

After the elimination of Luiza Ambiel, the participants of “Fazenda” were impressed to hear fireworks near the program headquarters, in the interior of São Paulo. Pedestrians questioned whether the noise was related to the public’s celebration. “I saw it when I was coming here! Would there be an important game today?” Asked Mateus Carrieri and his teammates said: “No! It was because you stayed!”

Jojo Todynho celebrates Luiza Ambiel’s departure: ‘I’m happy’

Jojo Todynho celebrated that his friend Mateus Carrieri stayed on the program and warned that he would like to see Luiza Ambiel leave the reality show, due to disagreements with his ex-partner. “I’m happy. If I have to leave, I leave happy. But I leave happy because I was here when she (Luiza) left. (…) My heart sped up. It looked like a match. Tomorrow I’ll give PT. I’m not crazy. in my thesis “, he warned. The singer, who argued with Mirella recently, stated that the elimination was a form of justice for Luiza’s discussions with Tays Reis. “You fought alone, but today your justice has been paid,” he said. The artist also made a promise and warned that she would receive Luiza Ambiel in the ‘Programa do Faro’ with music.

Luiza Ambiel talks about friendship with Biel: ‘I took him in’

After the elimination, Luiza Ambiel did an interview with Victor Sarro in the ‘Decompression Booth’ about some events in the house. In the conversation, she watched a video in which Biel talks about the paoa. Defending the singer, the artist highlighted the friendship with him. “I get upset at times by the way people treat him. I took him in as I did everyone! Who turned their heads to me because of that … I thought, ‘I’m going to follow my heart’. Then, we learn to respect ourselves “, he pointed out.

Luiza Ambiel comments on controversy of Raça Negra music

After controversy with Raça Negra’s song “It’s too late”, Luiza Ambiel denied that she claimed that the song was written for her. “Once, back there, we were still together, that conversation that I know today is a singer’s song, ‘oh, I’m going to make a song for you. I was writing this song and I made this for you’. I don’t remember and I don’t know if it’s a conversation, but not that song. This song was before our relationship at the time.


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