Fatih Terim’s statements after the beating of PSV cause anger

Galatasaray seems ready for the Champions League on Wednesday evening. Fatih Terim’s team lost 5-1 to PSV. This gives them a great starting position for next week in Istanbul. PSV could lose by no more than three goals to ensure passage to the next round, as the away goals rule was abolished. Galatasaray supporters did not find Terim more popular with his comments at the press conference.

Galatasaray did not win any prizes in the previous two years. The start of the new season on Eindhoven’s soil is not encouraging. The Turkish trainer said that PSV had won, and that they would likely go on to the next round. “They are at least one step closer. They have performed better and won comfortably. Galatasaray fan will better understand why I need to spend three years in order to raise this Galatasaray team to a higher standard. We will do our utmost to turn this situation around next week.”

The European results of Galatasaray in Terim’s fourth season at the club are dramatic. There were three wins, four draws, and no less that 11 defeats in 18 matches. Galatasaray supporters are not pleased with Terim’s comments about the ‘three-year plan’. This is partly due to the fact that he was selected for the selection. CimBomstate. “Why does he need three years? Why? What? What is the reason PSV could only win 4-1??”, is one of the many thousands of reactions, in which people clearly express their anger towards the 67-year-old coach.

Journalist Çetin Cem Yilmaz also questions Terim’s statements. “He asks for patience over the next three years, to build a new team. Although the selection is not perfect, these players should not concede more than five goals to a good club. PSV was defeated by eight of the eleven basic force against PSV in May. He refers to the battle in Turkey for the national title, where Besiktas received champagne due to goal difference.

Terim was also asked by the press conference why Galatasaray partnered Ryan Babel at the point of attack. He chose three central defenders. “Who wonders that? You?”, he replied when a journalist indicated ‘that this question is relevant’ after the game. It was a general comment, the journalist said. Terim: “Some positions had to be filled differently because we don’t have a permanent player there yet. This was the best arrangement. Radamel Falcao, Mostafa Mohammed are not ready yet,” the ex-Turkish national coach said.

Babel was replaced by Mohamed after 61 minutes, while Falcao only came in for Kerem Aktürkoglu one minute before the end. “We thought it more appropriate to bring them slowly,” Terim defended his decision. “Everyone can have their opinion after a defeat, but this was our game plan. However, if you concede such goals at this level, there is no stopping it and it can add up quickly.” PSV or Galatasaray await a meeting with Celtic or FC Midtjylland in the next round.


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