During the months of March, April, May and June the total number of fatal traffic accidents fell by almost half compared to last year’s stats. The mobility restrictions imposed in the context of the state of alarm paid off in this regard. But, contrary to what could have been a trend to take advantage of in terms of road safety, the total figures for these last months are already recovering the usual numbers.

These are the aftermath of Covid-19 that can affect driving

The month of July, in which the new normal was already reigning, broke the statistics by accumulating a total of 105 fatal accidents, including one more than the previous year. There were 114 victims who died in these accidents, 3 less than in the same month of 2019.

In these last two months, the accident rates of 2019 have been maintained, provisionally and according to the data updated by the General Directorate of Traffic relating to urban roads. In September, 95 fatal incidents (compared to 92 in 2019) and the month of October closed with 91 (two less than last year). And, in the barely four days since November, there have already been records of at least three traffic accidents with four fatalities.

Although it is true that the provisional accumulated for the year is still lower than that of last 2019, partly due to the limitation to the displacement of the months of the state of alarm, This rapid recovery of the usual accident rate is worrying and moves away the achievement of the objectives set by the DGT in terms of road safety. In addition, during the next few months in which the hours of daylight decrease and the climatic factors that affect driving increase (such as rain or snow), so the chances of suffering a road accident will also increase.