Fatal North Las Vegas motorcycle crash leaves rider dead.

North Las Vegas police are investigating a crash that killed a motorcyclist on Saturday. The accident occurred at the intersection of West Lake Mead Boulevard and Englestad Street near the West Las Vegas Library in North Las Vegas, when a silver Toyota SUV traveling eastbound made an illegal left turn across westbound traffic and collided with a silver Yamaha R1 motorcycle. The rider of the motorcycle was said to have been ejected from his bike upon impact; he did not survive.

The investigation is ongoing but speed and impairment are both thought to be unlikely factors in this incident according to initial reports by law enforcement officers who responded to what has become another senseless tragedy involving cars or trucks versus motorcycles.
Lake Mead Blvd will remain closed between Revere St & Losee Rd while crews work on cleanups/evaluations as well conducting investigations into what caused this deadly altercation which could easily have been avoided.

Experts estimate nearly 80% percent all crashes involving motorcycles occur because car drivers either don’t see bikes coming toward them or recognize how close they are – leaving insufficient stopping distances for their vehicles before it’s tragically too late.

In view of similar incidents globally, it is believed most such accidents often happen due lack road safety awareness amongst motorists regarding responsibilities towards other persons using different modes transportation like pedestrian footpaths/bicycles /scooters/cars/trucks/taxis etc., hence making those neglected aspects vital for safely sharing roads.

Motorcycle riders represent greater risks than occupants inside large automobiles simply because they’re more exposed essentially unprotected against potentially catastrophic consequences if colliding with any vehicle around especially larger ones weighing significantly more than themselves – ergo one can compound understand why Motorcycle Safety Training still remains essential today given these types risk driving conditions where being unseen becomes fatal consistently.


This sad yet foreseeable outcome serves only underscores once again just exactly how vulnerable bikers riding atop two wheels really truly susceptible whenever someone behind wheel decides crosses double lines blurring facing unsuspecting victim waiting descend high speeds unawarely struck swiftly turning ironically through green lights intending change lives forever hopefully sending forth cautionary tale enough make us think twice about erratic behaviors sometimes taken granted lightly apply extra vigilance instead remaining alert always keeping eyes open avoiding impulsive seemingly inconsequential decisions leading tragic needlessly irreversible paths.

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