Fast testing, the fastest way to normalcy: the European Union’s ambitious plan

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At the White House, there is a test device that gives you the diagnosis of a possible coronavirus infection in just 15 minutes. Such gadgets could, in fact, represent the path to a normal life.

Charles Michel is the President of the European Council and, in a recent speech, the official insisted on the availability of rapid tests in the EU. In the same context, he advocated for the coordination of vaccine development worldwide.

The remarks were made two days before a summit on the Covid-19 pandemic. “Now we need decisive action, necessarily of European scope, based on two pillars: testing / follow-up and vaccines,” he said in a text posted on the Internet.

As a reference, Charles Michel is particularly in favor of coordinating the approval of rapid (antigenic) tests “in order to guarantee their recognition at European level”. He wants their production to be “secured on a European scale so that they are available everywhere at the same time”.

The European official also hopes for “interoperability of contact tracking and alerting applications”, but also for the introduction of “common rules for isolation and quarantine”.

Because we are fast approaching the availability of a vaccine, this subject could not be absent from the speech of the President of the European Council. For this reason, Charles Michel said he wanted “distribution criteria between European countries” and the definition of “priority groups” that include in particular the most vulnerable (elderly, chronically ill…) and health personnel.

In the end, the Brussels leader insisted that by working as a community, we all have something to gain. “In short, it is a Union of tests and vaccines that we need,” he said. “This crisis has already shown that no country can pass alone. Europe brings irreplaceable added value. “

These points of discussion were mentioned a few days before the videoconference on October 29. An online summit is then scheduled to take stock of the Covid-19 epidemic. All EU heads of state and government will take part. The most recent summit took place on October 15-16.


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