Fasoulas: “Yannis, thank you for setting an example to millions of children” | NBA

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Panagiotis Fasoulas, presidential candidate for the Hellenic Basketball Federation, made a statement about Giannis Antetokounbo who was named the most valuable player in the NBA for the second consecutive season.

The statement of Panagiotis Fasoulas in detail

“Giannis Antitokoumbo is again the NBA MVP”!

For those of us who have played basketball, this phrase sounds “like a lie”.

A Greek, a child who learned basketball in Greece and “ate his knees” in open fields in the neighborhoods of Athens, managed at the age of 25 to be voted Most Valuable Player and Best Defender of the NBA. Congratulations Giannis and thank you for -once again- proving to us that the one who tries, who works, who does not give up, can achieve everything.

In life, on the floor, but also in any field that everyone chooses! After all, the “ceiling” for you is still far away. Both in the NBA and in Eurobasket, Mud Basketball and the Olympic Games. Above all, we thank you for the “example” you give to millions of children, in Greece and around the world, who, thanks to you, believe that even their craziest dream can come true!

Good rest and good strength, because, you have achieved so much, but you are still at the beginning!

Panagiotis Fasoulas Candidate for President of the Hellenic Basketball Federation.


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