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The “gangster” of Greek basketball, Nikos Galis, wanting to refer to the scenarios that involved him with the EEC, said that he would never betray his teammates and Panagiotis Fasoulas did not leave it unattended.

In a full-length interview he gave to a radio station, he referred to his candidacy for president of the EEC and made a special reference to what Nikos Galis said.

His statements in detail:

For the motivation for his candidacy:

“There has been a discussion for a long time now because the athletes, the former athletes, do not come forward. The truth is that I was also waiting for someone else to come in and see some mobility. He was not with most of the people I was talking to and they said to me “why don’t you come forward?”.

And so I decided, because I think basketball is something that, at least with the people I talk to, the basketball players we grew up with, either as coaches or as players, basketball is something that can really unite us.

In recent years, we have been missing this good discussion about basketball, the good mood of the people towards basketball, the good news from basketball “.

For the forced change in the way the federation operates:

“The Basketball Federation must be more extroverted, more transparent and must explain to the world the decisions it makes. And it must enjoy the praise of the fans and the rest of the Greeks, but also take on the responsibilities that belong to it.

Especially in bad times. There will always be bad moments, but we hope that there will be good ones from now on. For example at the moment I believe that the first thing that needs to be done in the Federation is to operate as an organization, not as a business.

An organization that has an organization chart, that has a general manager, that people undertake to do things and that are responsible for these things “.

For former teammates and associates on his ballot:

“It is a great honor for me that so many children are candidates. It is not a popular vote. It is addressed to a very specific world. Those who are with me are not just former athletes, they have been elected MPs, mayors, governors.

I do not understand why the fact that they have experienced amateur sports from the lowest levels to the top level has no added value. “We know what these people have been through, what effort is needed to maintain a serious basketball team.”

For his philosophy for the next day in Greek basketball:

“I have said it since day one. The issue we want to bring to the fore is that first is basketball and then all of us. Whether as players, coaches or agents, we realize that basketball is bigger than all of us.
We tend to forget it in recent years, basketball is what unites us, gives perspective and hope to children to come out of a monotonous life and show their skills. There are a million things to gain from basketball. “Only in Greece is the ‘ex-athlete’ a disadvantage for someone.”

For the changes that need to be made in the arbitration:

“We have submitted an entire program for the arbitration, which will work differently. We believe in principle that in sports everyone is punished, everyone is demoted.

Only referees have an upward trend. I think we have a lot of good referees. “But the system of defining and evaluating them, as well as that of observers, is outdated.”

For the contacts he has made with the presidents of the Associations:

“From the beginning I have the mood and I go all over Greece with those who are candidates and we see the unions one by one separately and of course the presidents of the Unions. I really believe in the role of the Unions and I am honored by the letter they sent, because they came forward and said that they want to join us “.

For the pressures that the Unions that are on his side have accepted, supporting his candidacy:

“It simply came to our notice then. I am not here to grumble about the pressures, they are great people and strong players in Greek basketball. I insist, they do not express the Unions, they express themselves. Another issue is how the Unions are funded.

Is there a formula? Do we take into account the number of athletes? The last time I looked at the athlete register it was 520,000. I must still be registered in this register. No update has been made regarding the registration of athletes “.

For his term in the Municipality of Piraeus:

“If we did not exist, there would be no Municipal Theater. Things have happened in the Municipality of Piraeus. I am always asked about it and I have to list things that happened and apologize for things that did not happen. We were killed to make things happen at that time. Giannis Moralis has done several things for Piraeus “.

For the support of Nikos Galis in his candidacy and his relationship with the top Greek basketball player:

“Nikos really moved me. I talked to him, I would like to thank him on behalf of all the others, because it was a masculine, lazy statement from the man who really is the top of the top in Greece in terms of basketball.

The message I sent him was that he made me cry again after 33 years. It was an exceptional honor because Nikos Galis belongs to the EEC, when, as, when and where he wants “.

For the place of basketball in the hearts of Greek fans:

“Basketball must regain its place in the hearts of Greeks, which was a pleasant thing to do with it. The episodes, the refereeing, the whining, these must end.

It has a Pre-Olympic tournament in the summer, God willing it will have an Olympic Games, we have to deal with the national teams. There is a global mobilization for women’s basketball and here we still say that “okay we have women’s basketball”.

For young children who go abroad, to colleges, and prove how Greek men and women athletes have huge potential:

“They won this through basketball, with a lot of hard work and they fought for it. These guys have already made their first big hit. “I do not know if they will play at a very high level professionally, but they have been very successful.”

For his vision for the next day of the EEC and Greek basketball in general:

“There are things that other federations do that are easy to do for us. We are not… Einstein, we are the technocrats of basketball in Greece. The other vision I have for Greek basketball is to participate with the people of the other federations, Kirilenko, Samponis, Raja, Turkoglou.

“With all of them we share an anxiety about European basketball, which stumbles every day through the barren rivalry between the Euroleague and FIBA”.


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