Farmer, Mariano falls out and wants Biel to leave in ‘A Fazenda12’: ‘1st enmity’

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In Roça, Biel asks to stay and speech causes controversy

It was the request to stay in “A Fazenda 12” that most bothered the contestants. Asking to stay, the artist quoted Mano Brown’s speech: “That’s it, family. Third row in a row. Third row with people I like. It’s complicated, but it’s in your hands. I’m here without knowing what the purpose is here. The stuff is crazy, too intense and tiring. Mano Brown already said, ‘Money is good, yes, I want to, if that’s the question, but Dona Ana made me a man and not a (whore)’. , I’m not going to play anyone’s game or take a friend out of the race.

‘Is he calling us a put *?’ Asks Jojo Todynho

The lyrics of the song used by Biel to ask to stay in reality were “Jesus Chorou” and outraged Jojo Todynho. “Guys, it’s not possible that I’m indignant just now. I’m here remembering the lyrics of Mano Brown’s song and it was surreal (which he did). Vdo you know the lyrics? ‘Money is good, I want to, that’s the question, but Dona Ana made me a man and not a whore’. So, is he calling us a whore? “, He asked in conversation with Mariano, Jakelyne Oliveira, Raissa Barbosa and Lipe Ribeiro.


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