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He hearse He stopped in front of the Library of Congress, before walking the final meters that separated Ruth Bader Ginsburg of what was his home for 27 years, the Supreme Court of the United States, where the hundred interns she had during her long career as a magistrate awaited her lined up like black festoons. The audience in line recovered. There was no applause or cheers, only solemn faces and some push to immortalize the historic moment with the camera. “I felt deep inside as if God were forcing me to pay my respects to this fighter for women’s rights& rdquor;, said Cecelia Ryan, who drove for 12 hours from Chicago to visit the burning chapel in Ginsburg. “As a woman, I needed to thank you”.

History would not be the same without the work of this brilliant jurist who gave meaning to the principle of equality before the law inscribed on the portico of the Supreme Court, denied to women until their legal victories began to dismantle in the seventies the framework that had served to endorse the gender discrimination. The mission to which she dedicated her life was not written in her DNA, but the rudeness she suffered in. Harvard, the doors slammed by the New York law firms fresh out of college or the lessons he Swedish feminism He taught him during the seasons he spent there in the sixties, they showed him the way. When she died last Friday at the age of 87 due to pancreatic cancer, she was no longer a simple judge, but a symbol of progressive America.

Private ceremony

“It has been said that Ruth wanted to be an opera virtuoso, but ended up becoming a rock star& rdquor;, said his companion of the Supreme, John Roberts, during the private ceremony that was held inside the court. “I chose the Law because it was broken down in the Faculty of Law and the labor market for being a woman& rdquor ;. That condition of pop icon was reflected outside the court. T-shirts with slogans abounded “Notorious RGB” The “Yo disiento”. A poster read: “May your memory be a revolution. Rest in power”.

Ginsburg will be exceptionally honored as one of the mothers of the country in a country that has always ignored them. Until Thursday, its burning chapel will remain under the portico of the Supreme Court, installed on the same catafalque in which Lincoln’s coffin rested. And on Friday I know will exhibit under the Capitol dome, a honor never granted to a woman. “Her importance lies not only in what she did for equality but in how she did it,” said Jill Alexander, whose husband worked as a Ginsburg intern at the appeals court, before it was named in 1993 by Clinton for the Supreme. “He always tried to understand all parties and expressed his dissent with respect. The proof is the close friendship he maintained with Antonin Scalia. At a time as polarized as the present, it is a very valuable lesson & rdquor; Died in 2016, Scalia was one of the conservative heroes in the Supreme Court.

Overwhelming majority

But that concord and civic spirit that Ginsburg embodied won’t last long. His discharge from the court has opened the box of thunder just over 40 days to presidential elections. Although the judge expressed in her last will that he wanted the next president to choose his successor, both Donald Trump as their Republican co-religionists want to fill their vacancy before November 3. If they did, they would achieve an overwhelming majority in the Supreme: six conservative judges versus three progressives, all of them for life, an imbalance that would give them the reins of the court for the next generation. Vital advancements such as right to abortion o la gay equality they could fly through the air.

“It is very hypocritical what the Republicans are trying to do & rdquor ;, complained Anna Primosch, a 24-year-old political consultant. In 2016 blocked the nomination proposed by Barack Obama to replace Scalia with the argument that the next president should be the one to choose him before the elections are approaching. “If they get away with it a terrible time awaits us with very lasting consequences & rdquor ;, Primosch added.



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