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Nigel Farage it has found a new cause to continue to play a role in British politics. The far-right Europhobe proposes to reconvert the Brexit Party, of which he was the leader, in a new formation called Reform UK (Reform the UK). From that platform, Farage intends to fight against the restrictions that, due to covid-19, the Government of the Boris Johnson is imposing on citizens.

The man who led the campaign to remove the United Kingdom from the European Union accuses the Conservative Prime Minister of terrorize to the British and squander huge amounts of money of taxpayers waiting for a miracle vaccine. “What we are seeing with this pandemic is the total failure of leadership at almost any level,” Farage stated. “This second confinement is the economic death for many of those people, “he said. Besides that,” the government system is not working and requires a total reform“.

Farage made these statements on the British station Talk Radio from Pennsylvania, in the United States, where he has gone to support Donald Trump in the final stretch of the presidential campaign.

Johnson on Saturday announced a lockdown across England until December 2, with the non-essential business closureAlthough, unlike in March, schools and universities will remain open. The prime minister presented these new restrictions to the deputies on Monday, who will approve them on Wednesday.

Limited confinement

Unrest among citizens has increased after the Cabinet minister, Michael Gove, suggest that confinement could be prolonged if a sufficient reduction in the number of infections is not achieved. Johnson dismissed that possibility. “These restrictions are limited. After four weeks, on December 2, they will end and we will return to a regional and local control system depending on the data.” Johnson announced an increase in financial aid to self-employed workers who will go from 40% to 80% during confinement.

The labor leader Keir Starmer, who had requested the closure of England three weeks ago, accused Johnson of, once again, act too late and of having made “a gigantic error in judgment and leadership” that will cost more lives.



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