Fans worried about Laura Müller: “Run, Laura, run!”

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All celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Concern for Laura Müller +++ Oliver Pocher directs an urgent appeal to Laura Müller +++ Michael Wendler: Comeback on RTL?

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

20. November

Concern for Laura Müller

Laura Müller, 20, is just like her husband Michael Wendler, 48, under surveillance by the media. While the pop singer is really blossoming on Instagram, the young woman has become suspiciously quiet. Your last post is from September 26th. In the photo that was taken during the DSDS filming in Germany, she looks at her husband in love. Since then, there has been no radio silence on her social media account. Insta stories have also become a rarity for the influencer.

After all the hustle and bustle about her husband, Laura Müller made a statement. She declared that she distanced herself from her husband’s statements and described herself as “neutral like Switzerland”. A separation from the “don’t care” interpreter is not an option.

But that is exactly what their fans are now demanding. Laura Müller has restricted the comment function on Instagram. But under a portrait, the followers find a way to express their concerns. “Get out of here Laura. That has nothing to do with ‘in good times and bad times’ for me, really not, it drives you crazy,” demands an Instagram user. Another says: “Do yourself a favor and break up … you will soon be the most unhappy person on earth.” “Start thinking about yourself, if you don’t pull the brake in time, it will drag you into the abyss!” Is another comment.

18. November

Oliver Pocher makes an urgent appeal to Laura Müller

Laura Müller, 20, is under observation after the scandal about her husband Michael Wendler, 48, who is still attracting attention with wild corona theories. Not only paparazzi, fans and media rush to the young woman, Laura also has to endure a lot in the TV landscape. Oliver Pocher, 42, also got involved in the current developments around Michael Wendler and leaves no doubt that the couple’s separation is only a matter of time.

In the podcast “Die Pochers hier” by Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira, 28, the two speculated about the effects that Michael Wendler’s corona clutter could have on the couple’s relationship. The comedian and the model are particularly worried about Laura.

“Laura Mäuschen. Laura, please take his cell phone away from him. Or go out and find a new one!” Advises Oli to the young woman in his own Instagram livestream. The reason for this appeal was the live switch of the “Egal” interpreter on Instagram, in which the singer spoke about the US presidential election, which Oliver Pocher also watched. The comedian pulls the comments on the current protective measures and the political world events through the cocoa. Oliver Pocher sees no chance for Michael’s professional future: “Musically, he won’t have a single hit again.

17. November

Michael Wendler: Comeback on RTL?

Michael Wendler, 48, announced his end at DSDS on October 8 – and sharply criticized the federal government for its corona policy. But that was just the beginning. When he left the DSDS jury, his “Kaufland” commercial was also canceled. Cooperation partners turned away from the singer, RTL ended the collaboration with immediate effect. The DSDS castings were shot before the Wendler scandal. The exit took place in the middle of the shooting.

How does RTL deal with the already wacky material for the new season of DSDS? “Everyone knows that he was there. We can’t cut out Mr. Wendler, that would not be fair to the candidates,” explains producer Ute Biernat to “Bild”. Thus, the “no matter” interpreter will be seen in some episodes on RTL.

A return to DSDS is still excluded. “Per se, I believe that everyone is allowed to make mistakes. You have to be allowed to get lost sometimes. So everyone deserves a second chance. But if you make the same mistake five times, then the fun is over,” explains Ute Biernat.

16. November

Daniela Katzenberger posts a comparison picture from the past and present in the bathtub

Daniela Katzenberger, 34, loves to entertain her followers on Instagram. Your latest snapshot should once again make the fans laugh. In her contribution, the documentary queen posts a comparison picture from the bathtub. On the left of the picture you can see Daniela Katzenberger in 1990 with foam and a frightened look, on the right the cat shows herself as an adult.

The 34-year-old comments on her contribution with the following words: “Once a water rat, always a water rat. When I think of the fact that it used to be a big washing day a week and I jumped into the bathtub with all my siblings, with the water afterwards, the dishes was rinsed and the laundry was washed (…). The whole family, one bath water. Was that always the case with you? “

Some fans recognize themselves immediately in the situation. “Yes, and I have 3 siblings all one after the other”, laughs one Instagram user and another writes: “Yes, but I jumped in first and then my brother was surprised that the bath water was still so nice and warm” and another says: “Sunday bathing day and 9 children. I’m glad that it wasn’t just us.”

But Daniela Katzenberger not only ensures approval of the fans with her posting, but also amazes them. The similarity between mother Daniela and daughter Sophia does not escape the followers either: “It looks like Sophia”, finds one follower and another comments: “On the left, I thought it was Sophia”. In fact, the little “cat” could also be little Sophia – sweet!

Michael Wendler’s manager quits – what happens to Laura Müller now?

Now he seems to be fed up: Michael Wendler’s manager Markus Krampehas ended the collaboration with the singer. He made that clear in his Instagram stories on Sunday. “When I’ve been trying to sweep up the pieces recently, I’ve found out so many things that are so explosive, that I never expected and that I can no longer represent, not only as a manager but also as a friend. An artist / Manager relationships are always based on trust. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case on my part, “says Krampe, explaining the end of the collaboration.

This end comes as a surprise to Michael Wendler. He lets his anger run wild on the Internet. “Markus Krampe has probably resigned from management today because of media pressure!” writes the singer in a story. “It’s a shame that you buckled !!!!”, continues the artist. Krampe did not have the decency to discuss this step with him beforehand, complains the “no matter” interpreter.

Will Laura Müller work with Markus Krampe?

Now all eyes are on Wendler’s wife Laura, 20. Is she now losing her manager Markus Krampe? He would be quite ready to continue working with the influencer. However, Krampe can hardly imagine that it works so easily. In the RTL interview, the 44-year-old explains: “I think Michael Wendler will have a good word with her when she comes up with the idea of ​​working with me. It’s a shame because I think Laura has great potential had in Germany. “

The young woman now has to fight for her career. She has lost her jobs, her comeback attempt – an Insta advertisement for fake eyelashes – backfired: the manufacturer was showered with criticism, Laura herself insulted. Hopefully Laura Müller will find a way out of the dilemma on her own – or rely on the right advisors.

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