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Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, the African-American assassinated by a white police officer last May and whose death sparked a wave of anti-racist protests throughout the United States, recalled his relative on the occasion of what would have been his 47th birthday, in an act in which he asked those responsible for their passing is held accountable.

“I keep up but I’m not okay, and the reason I’m not okay is because my people aren’t okay. I’ll be okay when something called accountability occurs“Terrence said at a ceremony held in the Flatlands neighborhood in the New York borough of Brooklyn, before about twenty people.

The voice of those who are no longer

In front of a mural of George Floyd’s portrait, Terrance, who for several moments had to interrupt his speech visibly moved, took the opportunity to reject violence.

“I am here to be my brother’s voice, to speak when he cannot speak, to walk when he cannot walk, to speak when he cannot speak and to love when he cannot speak anymore. Hating takes a lot of energyI’m not here to do that. I love you all and my brother said it, I love him, that is what he did and that is what I am going to take with me, “he stressed.

“Black Lives Matter”

Terrance, who was wearing a black mask, also referenced the motto that marked the demonstrations that followed his brother’s death: “Black Lives Matter” (Black lives matter).

“Black lives matter, yes, all lives matter, human lives matter because at the end of the day there is only one race, the human race, “he said.

Before the concentrates began a short march in which they sang the song of happy Birthday In honor of George Floyd, his brother lamented that he will never be able to call him again to congratulate him.

“Unfortunately I am not going to be able to call him and say happy birthday or give him a hug or just listen to him or make a joke, but I know that he is fine, that he is up there with my father,” he declared.



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