The Colombian cyclist Hárold Tejada (Astana) was attacked early this Friday in the north of Bogota by false police officers when, in the company of several relatives, he was going to the El Dorado airport to travel to the city of Pitalito, Huila, where his family lives.

Tejada, what He played the last Tour de Franceas gregarious of his compatriot Miguel Angel Lopez and he ranked 45, he was in the company of his mother, Gladys, of his girlfriend, Catalina, and his mother-in-law when they were required by three men who identified themselves as policemen.

First “a taxi stopped us, told us we were punctured. We stopped, checked and there was nothing. Two, three kilometers later, a red car stopped us. told us to stop, that we had committed an infraction behind for being (bad) parked, who was from the policeThey showed us the plates and documents and made us get out of the car, “he said.

The 23-year-old climber added that the false policemen told them that in the area a trucker had been mugged Who had had a lot of money stolen from him.

“They were very clever people, who have a lot of experience in this. They were three men who were always there with us, asking us for money, the cell phone; material things that were few, but the most important thing is that we are fine health, “Tejada said in a video released by the Colombian Cycling Federation.

He explained that his girlfriend “had a mishap” because on the run the criminals dragged her and he has bruises on his legs and an elbow, but fortunately “it was nothing serious.

“We wait that criminals go to jail “, concluded the cyclist, who made his debut this year in the Tour de France.

After reporting the assault, Tejada was able to travel with his family to Pitalito, where he will rest for a few weeks and then resume his activity.

The Bogotá Police reported in a statement that “the facts were immediately known, a group made up of the Intelligence Section and the Judicial Police was appointed, who are conducting research to find those responsible “.