Fake news! Bruno and Marrone won’t break as a duo: ‘They’ve been together for 34 years’

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Bruno and Marrone fans can breathe easy: the duo will not come to an end! Through rumors of separation, the sertanejos manifested themselves through their press office, this Thursday (01). “The duo is getting ready to record an EP on October 7th, in São Paulo, and they continue together in a career built since 1986, that is, 34 years ago. So much time together is subject to problems, but they always managed to overcome” said a spokesman.

Marrone compares relationship with Bruno as a couple

The supposed separation of Bruno and Marrone due to a disagreement they had during a live was among the most talked about subjects on social networks. The news was carried by a website focused on the sertanejos’ universe and Marrone spoke. The singer even compared his union with Bruno as that of a couple. “We are like a couple who live in a separate house and with public life, our problems end up taking on great proportions, but we always knew how to solve ourselves”, he commented. “The strength of a lie is impressive,” added Bruno, criticized for comments on Flávia Viana’s pregnancy during a live show. The influencer became Gabriel’s mother at the end of last month.

Duo disagrees live: ‘Very boring, just talk about him’

Bruno and Marrone fell out during a live held in September. The two shared the stage with Leonardo and the duo Jorge and Mateus, when the discussion started. Marrone irritated his companion by telling a story about a song he heard on a cassette. ” Stop talking about you, old man. You talk a lot about yourself. My farm, my life … Fuck off. Very annoying, just talk about him. It only talks about him, about his life, about his family, “said Bruno.” I was talking about Leonardo, not about me. I’m talking about the tape, “explained Marrone.

Duo will trigger legal department

Zé Felipe’s father, heir to the move to a new home with a girlfriend, tried to appease him, asking Bruno to be “calm”. But the artist again complained about Marrone’s behavior. “Are you listening to me? I’m talking about this tape that he (Leonardo) released at his house,” said the singer. “‘I know, but you always talk (about you) … That Gusttavo Lima is your friend, that he went to your house, that you went hungry, that I don’t know what. Let’s sing! Stop it!”, replied Bruno, redeeming himself at the end of the transmission: “My personality is stronger. I am explosive, Marrone is more calm and calm”. Also according to the advisory, the legal department will take the legal measures: “To prevent other people from being victims, at least from this site”.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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