Despite not using it it is an offense punishable by a 200 euro fine and up to the loss of 3 points in the driving license, according to article 117 of the General Traffic Regulations; Spanish drivers still do not wear seat belts. This gesture, which should be automatic as soon as you get into the car, seems to be not yet fully accepted.

And it is that with the simple gesture of fastening the retention systems you can avoid very serious consequences In case of an accident. Failure to wear a seatbelt may mean that, in a collision, what would have resulted in a collision with injuries end up registering deceased.

How to avoid the serious consequences of the elephant effect in the event of an accident

According to data from the General Directorate of Traffic, of the 202 deaths this year on the road 27% were not wearing their seat belt correctly. This percentage represents a rebound of 7% compared to the data of last 2019 and It is the highest figure in the last 10 years.

From the same balance of claims in summer, it is observed that the main cause of accident has been the departure of the road(which is usually caused by distractions or speeding), followed by the frontal collision. In both cases, the use of the seat belt would have alleviated the consequences of the accidents.

The helmet in motorcyclists and cyclists

In the case of motorcyclists and cyclists, considered vulnerable groups on the roadHelmets are more widely used but there are also exceptions. Of the 9 cyclists who died in interurban trips, two did not have this protection system.

A motorcycle accident can have serious consequences for a minor.
How to safely carry minors on the motorcycle and avoid fines

However, of the 49 victims who were traveling by motorcycle, only one did not wear the corresponding safety helmetTherefore, it is more common for drivers with two wheels to comply with the regulations regarding mandatory equipment and protection.

It should be remembered that if a motorist does not wear the regulation helmet correctly fastened, the fine will be 200 euros and may be accompanied by the loss of 3 points on the driving license.