Fagermo’s version of the “sweeper noise”: – No faith in giving Kastrati an insane punishment

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VALLE (VG) According to Dag-Eilev Fagermo (53), the quarrel with Kristiansund player Flamur Kastrati (28) started with a disagreement about a throw-in. Now the Vålerenga coach asks that Kastrati not be punished too harshly.

Before Monday’s player meeting and restitution session the day after the 1-1 match

gives Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo his version of what caused the quarrel with Kastrati.

– What happened was that I shouted “blue!”. I thought it was a throw-in to us. “Blue ball,” I shout, because I’m engaged. Then, of course, he thought it was green (Kristiansund’s away kits), then he got pissed off and then he shouted “fucking garbage”. Then I answered, I said “have you scored a goal this year?”, And then I was done with the situation, says Fagermo to VG.

On a Sunday night, Kastrati apologized for the outburst and claimed he did not know the meaning of the term “garbage”. Kristiansund has suspended the striker in training and matches until the club management and the Norwegian Football Association have finished processing the case.

It takes place in the middle of the inter-court campaign – initiated after Kastrati’s teammate Amahl Pellegrino (30) was targeted after the match against Aalesund.

In the previous round happened with Vålerenga player Ousmane Camara. Now the call from the “victim” Fagermo is that Kastrati is not punished for hard:

– We must have temperament and commitment. That people can make mistakes, we must accept. We are in a campaign now, and attitude-building work is the most important thing. I have no faith in giving Kastrati an insane punishment. I think that’s wrong. It is punishment in itself what the media is doing now, and the fact that he must apologize. Punishing people very hard, I do not think is the most preventive, Fagermo answers questions about how he would have handled if one of his players had shouted similarly to an opponent.

– Do you think your general style, as people know you, can help make you someone you want to attack in a match?

– Good question. I have not had that problem as a coach. There may be temperature, it happens with other coaches as well, but I have not had a bunch of “Mourinho episodes”. I was stupid once with Tommy Høiland after the cup final loss in 2014, Fagermo admits.

Fagermo – then in Odd – described the then Molde striker as “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”. The outspoken coach lay flat for a short time after.

– I have great commitment and “passion”. I know people can get annoyed about it. But I have experienced other coaches and players who have the same “passion”, and that is part of the product. If you do not have it, I do not think you will succeed, says the Vålerenga boss.

In every single season since 2006 he has coached a club in the country’s top two divisions.


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