The Finnish Championship match between HPK and Sport on Saturday was canceled as a precaution, as a family member of a person belonging to the HPK team was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection on Friday night.

That league team member was tested on Saturday morning and had a negative test result.

HPK later reported that a family member of another person on the team has been infected with the coronavirus. This second team member was tested for coronavirus on Sunday, and this test result was also negative.

The league team went into voluntary quarantine on Saturday, but with two negative test results, the quarantine was lifted immediately on Sunday.

HPK reports that the team will continue to operate normally on Monday as otherwise, but two members exposed to the coronavirus will continue to be quarantined under the Infectious Diseases Act.

The club does not identify the identities of those who continue in quarantine.

HPK will play next time in Pori on Wednesday.

The first person to be infected was asymptomatic following Thursday’s HPK-Flies match. He is estimated to have been infected already then. He has worn a mask in the match, but those who watch the match in block 1 and spectator D3 are asked to follow closely.

HPK suffered a 2-4 loss to Kärpi in the match. Despite HPK’s voluntary quarantine, the Flies were allowed to play their match on Saturday. KooKoo crashed in Oulu Lasse Kukkonen in the farewell match I read 3–1

HPK also had to be quarantined during the season. At that time, coronavirus infections were diagnosed in HPK’s A-junior team. Infection was also found in the HPK league team.