In the past few weeks, the someservice service Facebook, which has been very keen on deleting false information shared in its service, has taken several actions that have caused a stir. Most recently, it shut down the pages of the Advance New Zealand party just two days before Saturday’s election in New Zealand.

– We do not intend to allow anyone to disseminate disinformation about Covid-19 that could cause immediate physical harm, a company spokesman commented to news agency AFP.

According to Facebook, Advance NZ has repeatedly violated the rules on the subject of the service. The party recently smashed nuggets with the Public Party, which has been pushing conspiracy theories, and made it a leader Billy Te Kahikasta deputy director. He did not view the closure of the pages as good and accused Facebook of electoral harassment. The page closed just as he was giving a live talk online.

– Facebook has now formally intervened in the New Zealand elections, Te Kahika said with a video he uploaded to his own page.

– They did it in the middle of a broadcast and it’s amazing. This is astounding, they actually carried out their threats, Te Kahika said while admitting that they had been warned.

According to the latest measurements, Advance NZ is gaining about one percent support in the election. Nevertheless, according to CrowdTangle, the party’s page has received more than 5.3 million views from mid-summer to early October, when the prime minister Jacinda Ardernin in the same period, the Labor Party received 5.2 million and the main opposition party the National Party 2.8 million.

Te Kahika is anti-vaccine and reduces the severity of the coronavirus. New Zealand has managed to control the virus. The epidemic has never really gotten out of hand and no second wave has come. In the last two weeks, a total of less than 40 infections have been detected in five million countries.

However, the issue has been raised during the elections. On Tuesday, the Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters mocked one poller at the election. The American-style man asked Peters what evidence there is that the virus causes Covid-19 disease. Peters began by educating the world about the infection rates and the more than 215,000 deaths in the United States.

– And here we have someone who gets up and says the Earth is flat. Sorry for the sunshine, the wrong place, Peters snorted.

Intervention in India and the United States

Facebook’s new line actually dates back to the previous U.S. presidential election in 2016. At that time, in particular Hillary Clintonia opposing, partly Russian-machined conspiracy theories and blackmail campaigns spread like wildfire on social media platforms without companies intervening in any way.

Twitter has been more active in this matter, but gradually Facebook has also made a posture movement, which has been visible in India and the United States, for example. In India, Facebook recently removed from its service the Hindu nationalist prime minister because of a BJP politician’s hate speech.

In the United States on Thursday, right-wing media rallied as Facebook and Twitter restricted a New York Post article on a presidential candidate Joe Biden boy Hunter Biden from alleged emails allegedly found on a laptop left for repair belonging to Hunter.

NY Post’s story with its background is so full of gaps and open-ended questions that it stinks of a heavily mechanized blackmail campaign and the information in the news may have been hacked. Biden’s campaign has said, as has Biden himself for a long time, that the article’s so-called “smoking gun,” i.e. Father Biden’s alleged links to Hunter’s Ukraine business, are false.

– This is part of our normal process of trying to reduce the spread of disinformation, a Facebook spokesman said Andy Stone commented.

Twitter, for its part, said the distribution of the article is restricted because of the uncertainty about the origin of its background material and the rules of the service prohibit, among other things, the dissemination of hacked information.

– So horrible that Facebook and Twitter took away the story of the “Smoking Gun” emails related to the Sleepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter, published by @NYPost, Donald Trump wrote on Twitter.