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The social media giant took a key step to bring its main messaging services together.

Having announced it in January 2019, Facebook began to deliver on a promise to unify its messaging services ecosystem. On Thursday it launched an application that allows SMEs and freelancers manage their profiles on different social networks from the same platform, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

As revealed from the social network in a statement, Facebook Business Suite It allows companies to publish on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, as well as receive messages, notifications and alerts in a single place, as well as see “what is working and what attracts the attention of their customers” in those networks.

Facebook explained that while the platform has been created with small businesses in mind, the goal is to make it the primary interface for businesses of all sizes using Facebook, Messenger, Instagram y WhatsApp.

The interface is available from this Thursday at a global level and Facebook announced that it will be expanded to larger companies next year.

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to unify his messaging services – WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram – began to take shape in January 2019, after two years of criticism about the interference that his social network generated for allowing interference in the elections and the disclosure of misinformation.

By uniting the application infrastructure, Zuckerberg wants increase the usefulness of the social network, by keeping the billions of users immersed in its ecosystem.

If people turn to Facebook-owned apps to send text messages more regularly, they might ditch rival messaging services, like those of Apple y Google.

Another possibility is if your users interact more frequently with Facebook applications, the company may also be able to improve your advertising business or add new services to generate profit, the people added.

The initiative caused internal conflicts on Facebook. Kevin Systrom y Mike Krieger, the founders of Instagram, left the company abruptly in late 2018 after Zuckerberg began to lift more weight. Jan Koum and Brian Acton, the founders of WhatsApp, also left the company for similar reasons.

For Facebook, the changes represent a better opportunity to generate money from WhatsApp and Instagram, which currently generate little income although they have large numbers of users.

Source: EFE


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