Facebook is putting pressure on Apple: what it would like to do on the iPhone, but it is not possible

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In iOS 14, Apple included the ability to change native apps for certain operations. But Facebook wants more than that.

If you have an iOS 14 iPhone, you can change your native email client with Gmail, if it helps. The same principle applies to the internet browser. Facebook wants you to be able to do the same with the default messaging app. Just like on Android you can use Messenger to send or receive SMS, Mark Zuckerberg would like you to have the same flexibility when it comes to an iPhone.

According to information published by The Information, this is an older effort from Facebook. The company has been putting pressure on Apple for many years to facilitate the change of the default messaging application on iOS, and things have only worsened with the launch of iOS 14.

“We believe that people should be able to choose different messaging applications and make them default on their phones. In general, everything is moving in this direction anyway, “Stan Chudnovsky told Facebook for The Information.

Realistically, Messenger may not be the most inspired choice for a default messaging app on the iPhone, but I think there are people who would prefer WhatsApp or Telegram instead of the native Messages app.

Unfortunately, although this feature has been around on Android for some time and it’s up to you to choose the default messaging app, Apple is unlikely to ever make that gesture. At the moment, many people, especially in the US, opt for Apple hardware due to the iMessage service, integrated encryption functions and other security benefits. The Cupertino giant would never want to facilitate the migration of users to another cross-platform solution. Ultimately, this would be the first step to switching to Android more easily.


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