Facebook is banning Holocaust denial worldwide

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Facebook will delete posts denying the Holocaust. People who search the social medium for information about the Holocaust will be led to reliable information from the end of this year, according to the report Facebook.

The social media company has spoken extensively with leaders from the Jewish community in recent years. Following those conversations, the platform has now decided that Holocaust denial should be treated as hate speech.

One reason for the new policy is the “appalling knowledge shortage” among young people about the Holocaust, Facebook writes. The new rules will not be implemented immediately because the company needs time to train its employees and systems.

Denying or downplaying the genocide of the Jewish population during World War II is seen by experts as a form of anti-Semitism and has been banned in some countries, including France and Germany. Facebook has been removing such posts there for some time.

Facebook has also banned the distribution of implicit hate speech material such as conspiracy theories about Jewish organizations that secretly rule the world since the beginning of August.



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