For a decade, Facebook Groups have served as espaces that bring together people with common interests; like memes to highlight funny habits (I also turn off the alarm clock 10 times before getting up!); and as a support for people going through difficult situations.

And now, during the Facebook Communities Summit 2020, Mark Zuckerberg’s company decided to give them a further purpose through new features of Facebook Groups that seek boost conversations, facilitate the work of administrators Y bring users closer to share different ideologies and cultures.

Unocero participated in a call withTom Alison, Facebook Vice President of Engineering, for detailed updates.

“Is he 10th anniversary of the Groups and much has changed. Initially (the groups) aimed to connect you with the people who were already part of your life, like your family, your soccer team or your reading group.

Now they give you access to people from all over the world with different profiles and ways of thinking. During the quarantine we have seen all kinds of Groups, in Mexico (for example) there is a group called Mamis R Us in which users share their experiences during the pandemic, ”Alison explained.

According to the company, half of Facebook users they are members of at least 5 active Groups and there are tens of millions of groups on the platform.

New tools for Group administrators

With more than 70 million administrators and moderators, Facebook decided to meet with some featured members from the different communities to find out what they needed and create the following functions.

● Admin Assist:is a tool that helps administrators to create rules for Facebook to implement automatically and thus facilitate their work.

For example, deciding that novice members of a Group do not post information for the first few weeks to avoid problems and give them time to better understand how the community works.

New Topics:Facebook will allow administrators to organize community conversations in new ways.

● Community Management Certification:The leaders of the different Facebook communities will be able to receive certifications that verify their knowledge of the platform.

Account Center: Facebook shows its first function to unify Messenger, Instagram, Facebook and… WhatsApp?

New functions for members of a Group

The members of a Group will find new formats to start conversations, share experiences, resolve doubts and strengthen ties.

Chats: participants will now be able to have real-time conversations between group members.

Prompts: They are collaborative conversations that start at the request of a user. For example, if a member of a gardening group asks others to share photos of their plants to learn how to care for them.

Q&A: they are question and answer sessions within the community. Your goal is to have a better record of the conversation.

Customizable Group Profiles: users will be able to choose which profile photo or avatar represents them in the different groups to which they belong. If someone is in a gaming community, for example, they can add their Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation handle.

New ways to discover Groups

Those who have yet to find a community or group will be happy to know that Facebook make it easier to find public GroupsLet them relate to your tastes and hobbies.

For example, if someone posts a note on a specific topic on their profile, Facebook will show discussions related to the topic that take place in public Groups.

Thus, Users will be able to visit the discussion forums and, if the administrator allows it, participate in them. Facebook highlights that Groups will be able to choose whether they want to remain public or private.

It is important to remember that Facebook works hard on the safety of the members of each group, which is why it has aSmart algorithms that detect inappropriate posts even before the moderators report them.

When will the new features of FB Groups arrive?

The new tools still in the testing phase with small user samples. Some of the features will be available soon and some will take a little longer to reach all users. At Unocero we will keep you up to date with updates.