Who is dedicated to creating videos and upload them to platforms like YouTube, you know what a headache it is include songs, since the possibility of the material being removed by Copyright and that the channel is even terminated.

Many may question the stubbornness of including songs in a videoBut the truth is that they are often necessary to illustrate a particular point.

Now, to make things easier for content creators – specifically video game streamers-, Facebook Gaming has announced a new policy that allows include songs during transmissions.

The announcement was through an entry posted in the official blog of Facebook Gaming, from which it appears that the platform is aware of how complex the use of songs is, but that it is willing to support streamers in your quest to upload better content.

‘Instead of suggesting you enter music law school, we want to make the process easier so that you can focus on being a better streamer and not in being someone with a specialty in law ‘, it reads at the entrance.

Facebook Gaming says the ability to stream songs is a product of partnering with the music industry to open a wide catalog of tracks that can be used.

Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Kobalt Music Group, BMG Publishing y Merlin son algunas de las record labels with which the platform reached an agreement so that its users can get hold of songs from various genres and of successes of different decades.

All the content creators They will eventually be able to make use of this option, but the first will be those who are partners.

About the songs that can be used, the platform says that musical rights, in addition to being complicated, are subject to each territory in the world, and although at the moment there is no catalog of restricted tracks, Facebook Gaming will notify streamers in case there is a problem with some video.

Finally, you should not lose sight of that the agreement is for streams, not for long edited videos. Also, the content should be about video games, not music.