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Social networks Facebook y Twitter reported that in recent days, they have dismantled several networks around the world that posed as non-individuals to influence public opinion in various countries, including the United States and Cuba.

In the Cuban case, Twitter indicated in an entry on its official blog that the network consisted of 526 false accounts, all of them currently deactivated, and that they were managed by youth organizations linked to the Government of Cuba, among them the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and the University Student Federation (FEU).

Conservative group in the USA

As for the United States, the network was withdrawn by Facebook, whose Chief of Security Policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, explained in a statement that it was managed by the marketing firm Rally Forge and that it had as a client conservative group Turning Point USA.

This network consisted of 200 counts and 55 pages Facebook, as well as 76 Instagram accounts (owned by the same company), and although his main focus was on US politics, he also sought to influence Kenya and Botswana.

The people behind the network adopted false profiles and posed as supporters of the right or the left, commenting in news articles on issues such as the US presidential elections to be celebrated in November, the COVID-19 pandemic, criticizing the Democratic Party and its candidate, Joe Biden, and praising the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

Fake networks around the world

With respect to African countries, this network commented mainly on news related to the sport hunting of large animals.

Gleicher said that the marketing company behind the network, Rally Forge, has been banned from Facebook for carrying out fraudulent activities by hiding its identity. Apart from Cuba and the US, Twitter and Facebook also dismantled fake networks originating in Iran, Russia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Azerbaijan and Nigeria.



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