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The experienced defender, a lover of reading, had dropped out of school 20 years ago when he went to play in Italy. Other players of the club continue their way to receive.

It is never too late to grab the books and go back to school. Age or social status does not matter. If you will know Fabricio Coloccini, who at 38 years old gave the last subject with a 9.50 and managed to finish high school two decades after leaving it incomplete. The defender of San Lorenzo returned to Burn your eyelashes since last year and was able to close the cycle that had been left unfinished when he went to Italy to play in Milan.

It was a big pending account that I wanted to finish one day, I wanted to close it and luckily now I was able to do it, “he told Colocha a Clarion. The defender with prominent curlers took advantage of and enrolled in 2019 in the Adults 2000 Program, of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which offers young people and adults the possibility of resuming high school and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with Orientation in Social Sciences and Humanities.

He took advantage of the months of quarantine to take advantage of the confinement and put the last of the 13 subjects he owed since 2000, when he left Boca to go to Europe at the age of 18. “At that time I was studying at night and I had to leave. And last year I started to finish it and today (for this Wednesday) I took my last subject,” explained the Barça defender.

The final exam was virtual, like the others, since the Program allows distance study. The subject was Health Education, one that she did not have in her days as a regular student. However, he excelled thanks to the help of his wife, Fernanda, who is a dentist and helped him in the preparation.

The last days were not easy for Coloccini, who a few weeks ago contracted coronavirus. However, after overcoming a few lines of fever, he no longer had symptoms and while he finished recovering he gained more study time to pass the final subjects.

At all times he was monitored by Alejandra Masiello, the teacher of the Adult 2000 Program who works in the Boedo club through an agreement with the CASLA Social Department and her link with Jaquelina Cichero, a member of the same. In fact, Cichero is the wife of Osvaldo, Fabricio’s father. They were important for the footballer to decide to finish secondary school.

Fabri he signed up with his best friend, Gaspar. They started together. I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t finished it and on top is a person who reads a lot. Of course, he does not like numbers at all and they cost him, ha. Give him more history and social issues “, he explained to Clarion Alejandra, who marked Colocha when were the dates of the exams and practical work.

“Each subject has three months of preparation and two practical assignments in between. They are modules of three subjects. I followed it up, mostly virtual. After training, we sometimes sat in the stadium’s press room to study there “added the teacher of the captain of the Cyclone, who also teaches other players on the squad, such as Gabriel Rojas, Alexander Díaz and Gianluca Ferrari, on loan at Godoy Cruz.

“Some started signing up because Fabricio encouraged them. He breaks to his classmates about the importance of finishing their studies, “revealed Masiello, who in turn has other club athletes in charge: Sindy Ramírez and Eli Medina, from women’s football, and Elina Rodríguez, the figure of Las Panteras (volleyball ), who emigrated to Italy and is studying from Europe and will soon have a new student, since Gonzalo Rodríguez signed up last week to complete the last year he has pending.



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