F2 and F3 will have three races per weekend

The promoters of Formula 2 and Formula 3 have announced a set of new measures to reduce costs, including starting from 2021, each stage of these youth series will consist of three races, not two, as it is now.

Also, new agreements were reached with suppliers and technology partners, which will significantly reduce the cost of engines that are supplied on a lease basis, as well as some spare parts.

In addition, Formula 2 cars will remain unchanged for the next three-year cycle, which begins in 2021, but this decision has yet to be approved by the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council. F3 cars will also remain unchanged next year – most likely, it will be so for another three years.

Of course, one of the main cost items is logistics, which is directly related to the number of stages that make up the calendar of the season. Therefore, it was decided to hold fewer stages, while the number of races will remain the same.

Starting next year, instead of two races per weekend, there will be three. Thus, in Formula 2, the number of stages will be reduced to eight, but there will still be 24 races per season. The F3 calendar will consist of seven stages, and the number of races will even increase to 21.

To realize these plans, it will be necessary to abandon the tradition of holding the races of both youth formulas during one weekend, since it is physically impossible to condense the Grand Prix program so that it will accommodate all six races of F2 and F3. Therefore, together with the FIA ​​and FOM, it was decided to hold either Formula 2 or Formula 3 races during the weekend, but more detailed information on the adjusted weekend format will be announced later.

Bruno Michel, F2 & F3 CEO: “Cost containment has been one of our core values ​​since the launch of the GP2 series in 2005. This should remain the main guideline in developing our strategy, because now it is more important than ever.

The measures we are announcing are key, as they affect both youth championships and also affect the season calendar and racing weekend schedule. Moreover, teams participating in both series will be able to further reduce costs due to the fact that some of the employees will be able to combine work in F2 and F3.

We believe that such measures are necessary and should be implemented as soon as possible in order to ensure the stability of both championships in the future. “



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