F1: Waiting for the women’s field in Saudi Arabia with open arms

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As we have mentioned several times, it has been the target of criticism many times this year, We Race As One (“We compete as one”) campaign is a Formula 1 condemning racism that stands for diversity, which is why the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be included in the race calendar, which is expected to expand to 23 runners, from next year.

In the Middle East country, referred to as the hotbed of human rights problems, until 2018, women could not even drive a car. In comparison, the president of the Saudi Arabian Motorsports Association said he would welcome the W Series field in 2021 after it was announced this week that the women’s series would also have a Formula 1 deposit series on eight weekends.

“I would personally love it,” Motorsport.com quotes Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal’s thoughts. “I would love to see a race, that they would come to Saudi Arabia. I know the calendar consists of eight rounds, but I hope we will be one of the lucky countries. ”

“For the past two years, we have been very supportive of women, especially those who are interested in motorsports. This is something we would love. We want to inspire the locals, we want to bring as many events like this here as possible, ”the prince continued.

Two years ago, even as a Formula E driver, even Felipe Massa gave a show in Saudi Arabia.

He hinted that Formula-E and Dakar Rally have also toured the country in recent years, and next year, in addition to Formula 1, the new electric off-road series, Extreme E, will also be visiting. In addition to various motorsport events, Saudi Arabia has already hosted prestigious tennis and boxing matches as well as golf competitions.

“We want more women to compete in Saudi Arabia,” Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal set the long-term goal. “We start with the go-kart, but in the person of Reema Juffali we already have a racer in British Formula 4. That is why it is important for us to bring it here [a W Seriest].”

“Sport is for all of us, and in the future we will really support women to participate in motorsport. We will take this seriously. That way we could inspire them, hopefully we can reach an agreement and they will come with F2, ”he concluded.

Catherine Bond Muir also responded to the suggestion: the CEO of the W Series said that while it was unlikely enough for the series to reach the Middle East in 2021, it was not at all aloof from the street in Jeddah. “I have no objection to going to Saudi Arabia as long as we can make a meaningful relationship. However, it would take some time, ”he said.

Do not drink on the skin of the bear in advance

Although the AW Series is already anxiously planning for a return in 2021 after the 2020 announcement was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic (only an e-sports championship was announced), there are vague spots about the sequel. Formula Scout, who is generally well-versed in the world of parenting series, knows both Hitech GP and Hankook will be leaving the women’s championship.

F1: Waiting for the women's field in Saudi Arabia with open arms 4

At Hitech GP, the decision was based on a focus on their Formula 2 and F3 programs in the future, and the South Korean rubber manufacturer withdrew support because Formula One and with cooperation, the W Series was removed from the DTM umbrella. All he said about Muir’s replacement was that they were negotiating with several teams.

We have who is planning the new track

Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal also spoke on the track in Jeddah, telling RaceFans that the design would be left to Hermann Tilke, who would be given another assignment shortly afterwards. He recently drew the Hanoi Street Circuit, home to the Vietnam Grand Prix (expected only from 2022), but competition there is slipping for political reasons.

F1: Women's field in Saudi Arabia awaits with open arms 5

Hermann Tilke

“Given our time available, we think the best option is to turn directly to Tilke,” the prince said of the appointment of a designer that has been criticized by many. “We have to work very fast. And a street track isn’t like a new project, you don’t have to start from scratch with it. That’s why we wanted someone with serious experience of street tracks. ”

Source: Formula Scout, Motorsport.com, RaceFans

Image source (s): Getty Images



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