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Over the weekend, Formula 1 returns to the Nürburgring, the track that was handed over in 1984. That year, a race was held in which ten F1 world champions and additional riders started with Mercedes 190 E touring cars.

That race was won by a certain Ayrton Senna three weeks before his first F1 podium in Monaco. This story, along with a video, was processed here by Lead:

Nowadays, such a race would be unthinkable, with the same cars at most in the Champions Tournament, the drivers who start at all can compete against each other. Sebastian Vettel, for his part, competed several times, forming an almost unbeatable pair with Michael Schumacher, but also managed to win individually.

No wonder Vettel would be open to touring car inserts. “It would be fun, I’d be in it,” Vettel told Autosport. “If we had the opportunity to race hard against each other in a touring car or something else, it might be dangerous because it would be a bigger show than the Formula 1 race.”

“In the past, riders bounced a lot more between categories. One week Formula 1, then Formula 2 or whatever, anything was possible. ”

“The level of racing is very, very high these days, we need to focus on one thing. But I think it would be fun for the riders to be able to mix cars and categories. Of course, that would be just a debate, too, so those times are probably over. ”

Carlos Sainz prefers identical Formula 1 cars. “I wish one day we could all sit in the same F1 car and find out who is the fastest. That would be the fairest test, but I think it’s impossible, ”Sainz said.



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