Ferrari announced in May that it has no plans to renew Sebastian Vettel’s contract, which expires this year. For a long time it was a question of whether the four-time world champion would stay in Formula 1 or retire at the end of the year, but at the end of September it was officially confirmed that the German would be the pilot of the team operating as Aston Martin from 2021. , Occupying the seat of Sergio Perez.

Vettel’s first F1 team boss, alphatauris Franz Tost, is delighted that the 33-year-old driver is not yet out of the sport.

“I hope and wish you to be successful there, to win races. At the same time, with Aston Martin, the championship will not have much of a chance to compete for the championship title, ”quoted the Austrian Sport1.

“But I think it’s good that Sebastian stays in F1, that he still has the passion in him. He already has enough money and four championship titles, so he wouldn’t need it, ”he added.

Although when Vettel’s contract was announced, the German will lead Aston Martin “in 2021 and beyond,” knowing the driver will only be tied down for next year, the sequel, the sharpening of options for additional seasons at Ferrari’s struggling in recent years depends on your performance, you have to prove it to your new team.